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Frankofon Förlag

 IMG_0061 Annelie Karlsson, editor in chief. Annelie is a true researcher and journalist. She admires brave personalities and true human relations and honesty most in life.

Frankofon Förlag has an office in Stockholm, Sweden and one in Aix-en-Provence, France.

Frankofon Förlag
Annelie Karlsson
Odengatan 16 4 tr
114 24 Stockholm

23 rue Cardinale
13100 Aix-en-Provence




Staffan Heimerson, journalist is the writer of ”Le Menu , tack!”. Staffan introduces you to his best producers in Provence where he enjoys artichokes, goat cheese produced by his neighbor, sorrel and foie gras, sausages with the taste of blueberry and oysters cultivated in the Mediterranean. In his garden, he cultivates, with great care, olives and lavender. He eats at cheap restaurants – and at expensive ones. All meals at home in his Villa Dallas are taken very seriously and there is never a lack of a good wine. In 2013, Staffan Heimersson received the award “Journalist of the year”, in Sweden.



Hanna Karlsson, web administrator of Frankofon. She loves the French language and would love to spend more time in France. Any questions about the web page and social media, contact Hanna at info@frankofon.se


Johan Tell, author of the book “Marseille – från kriminell till kulturell”. For 18 years, Johan Tell was an editor, columnist and journalist at the Swedish traveler magazine Vagabond. For the past years, Johan, now a free-lance writer, has been travelling around Sweden searching for boring sights. The environment is important to Johan and has resulted in several books and a constant demand for conferences on the topic.

Amelie Stenbeck-Ramel, art director of the book “Godbitar i Provence – en reportagebok” and of Le Bookazine. She works with color and forms and all missions, books, magazines or advertisements are of interest to her. She spent most of her Childhood summers on the “routes de France”, from Brittany to Provence. amelie@stenbeck-ramel.se


Camille Moirenc, born and raised in Provence, this is where Camille started off his career as a photographer. He is today a well-known photographer travelling around the world searching for new portraits and stories. He constantly wants to contribute to open our eyes on society, diversity and nature. When he is not travelling you may be lucky to meet him at “La Gallery” in Aix-en-Provence.


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