Frankofon Förlag has worked for 15 years in the French market. We are, of course, great francophiles and through our extensive travels around France we have gained a rich knowledge of the country and accumulated a large, diverse network of contacts.

We have searched beyond the tourist routes, we have played the best golf courses, we have found side tracks and discovered vineyards that produce fantastic wines. And we have visited some of the best chefs in the region.

The people we have met and feature love their land and “think sustainability”. We have searched for the genuine, for quality and what we have found is unique and exclusive.

In France there is great respect for the families who continue their past generations old trades and crafts, but who are also innovative and enterprising, prepared to experiment for the future to make their vision come true. These are the people you’ll meet in Le Bookazine.

France has a unique variety of nature, people, culture and sport. A melting pot of religions, political views and social perspectives. Delicious food above all else and an “art de vivre” mentality that we all love.


Annelie Karlsson, publicist

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