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Frankofon Förlag  was founded in 2007 by Annelie Karlsson, CEO and editor in chief. Frankofon started off with publishing a magazine in Swedish about France, further on started publishing books and as from last year a new series of the Bookazine, hybrid between a traditional book and a magazine. Annelie as well as her collaborators are all Francophiles. Together we are all committed to the discovery of the genuine story behind everything we write about. We want to tell a story of the good in life, which could be based on a personality, a family, a destination, a 3rd generation vineyard or an innovation that changes the world.

So far the publications have been focused on France but the series of the Bookazine Good Future will go beyond the French border.  We no longer see any geographical borders. All we wish for is a publication that encourages our readers to feel optimism and that inspires their lives. 


We intend to give our readers Bookazines filled with extraordinary stories. We want it to be an experience for the eye, the soul and of course we hope you’ll be inspired to discover these places to live your unique experience.


The publications of Frankofon are to be found in book stores, in specialized stores, at hotels, restaurants, spa, golf courses and on online bookstores. We also have a number of representatives responsible for the distributions in Sweden, in France and elsewhere.


Originally from Stockholm, Sweden, Tina Darcel has made France, Paris her home since many years. After a career at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in France, she now works independently with various projects between Sweden and France.


At Frankofon, she has the role as Marketing Manager and loves being part of this team striving to inspire people with unique stories from Sweden, France and elsewhere, all working for a Good Future.



Johan Tell was an editor, columnist and journalist at the Swedish traveler magazine Vagabond. For the past years, Johan has engaged as a free-lance writer. The environment is important to Johan and has resulted in several books and a constant demand for conferences on the topic.



Amelie is the art director of Le Bookazine. She works with color and forms and all missions, books, magazines or advertisements are of interest to her. She spent most of her Childhood summers on the “routes de France”, from Brittany to Provence



Born and raised in Provence, this is where Camille started off his career as a photographer. He is today a well-known photographer travelling around the world searching for new portraits and stories. He constantly wants to contribute to open our eyes on society, diversity and nature. 

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