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In a world that is more and more complicated loaded with negative news, we want to share the stories about people that change the world for a good future. Stories about good spirit, sustainable projects, innovations, great entrepreneurs humble personalities and big minds. 

We search for unique destinations and Quality brands that give us hope for the future. 


We see no geographical borders; however, we want our partners to encourage the readers to feel optimism and to inspire their lives. 


Best Regards, Annelie Karlsson

We are currently working on the second edition of the Bookazine Good Future


Magazine retailers throughout Sweden and Norway


The SAS-lounges in Scandinavia 

The Menzies Business Lounges at Stockholm Arlanda and Copenhagen Airport

The Premium Car Lexus sales offices in Scandinavia

Selected hotels and restaurants in Scandinavia

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WHSmith bookstore in Paris

Book in Bar books store in Aix-en-Provence 

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Frannce


Swedish Clubs in France

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CCSS Zurich Member Club, 


The Swiss Chamber of Commerce

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