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Dear Plastic - Release September 10th

Dear Plastic is a book about the future material Plastic :

First, everything was natural and good. Plastic was made of, for example, raw rubber mixed with shellac.

Then more and more harmful chemicals started to mix in.

Then fossil oil began to be used more and more as a raw material.

Then, more and more often, plastic began to end up as rubbish in nature and the sea.

But plastic is a material that we will not be able to do without in the future because it:

• can make things easier • can make things stronger • can contribute to a more sustainable world • can save lives

The book Dear Plastic will contain an exposition of the history of plastic. From the first plastic, which was made of cheese, over revolutionary materials such as Bakelite, Nylon and Teflon to today's sustainable plastics which do not harm the environment or the climate. In addition, a reconnaissance into the future where plastic may be made of air and can always be recycled in a circular economy. Historical problems with plastic will also be affected: the poisons that threatened to exterminate our sea eagles and to make ourselves sterile. As well as the problems with both microsome and macroplastics in our seas will have their chapters. But the idea is also to balance the word plastic, which today almost only gives negative associations. For plastic is also found in the new lenses that made Grandma able to look after her cataract surgery again, in the new hip ball that made Grandpa able to walk again and in the heart valve that made it possible for the baby to live on against all odds. In addition, plastic has given us joy by being the dominant material in camera film for over a hundred years, for generations it has kept gallon children dry and given us music through plastic-stringed guitar strings. Plastic is so much more than plastic bags.

The author of the book is Johan Tell. The book will be released on September 10th in Swedish and English in two columns per spread !


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