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100% Eco tourism

Pristine Nature, wilderness and beauty between Lake Pêcher and the Forest of Pinatelle.

Laurence Costa and Daniel Siegel built their dream in the middle of France. An Eco-Lodge with simple sophisticated luxury. Solitude in a wide open space in the volcanic region of Auvergne with the mountains of Cantal rising abovethe Plateau of Cézallier. A privileged place and a reserve of rich delicate biodiversity. A get-away-lodge in tune with the seasons and in communion with the elements.

“To accept what happens in the instant moment, to take the chance when it just appears and to dare open doors to unknown paths, that is what “L’Instant Absolut” is about. We are sharing the eco-tourism in Auvergne’s wilderness. It is fantastic to be part of these green treasures,

says Daniel.

Local material and community engagement

Laurence and Daniel had many years of experience in the hospitality business during their time in Megève, one of France’smost luxurious ski resorts. They cameto Chavagnac, fell in love with the place and decided to convert the run down old barn into a lodge. All the time being receptive to local opinions and tastefully constructing to blend with the surroundings. For them it was the natural choice to renovate and build in stone, wood and glass. We have had the local carpenters and roofers build in material from, for example, the local Maurice Nailler company in Cantal”, enthuses Laurence as she proudly shows the property. They used artisans and material from the neighbourhood and now source produce for their kitchen from as close as possible. One of Daniel’s and Laurence’s great pleasures is arranging special events in the nearby villages.

They are also constantly busy around the Lodge with routine daily life. Daniel is serving me a delicious black coffee onthe terrace - in one hand the coffee potand in the other he has a screwdriver ready to fix a broken table. When he turns I see a spatula in his backpocket.

Laurence takes care of the reception, the communication, marketing and bookings. She is also very involved with the different treatments that they provide at the Lodge.

”We have all kinds of guests. There are people who come with burnout and some need a wi-fi detox. The reason we don’t provide wi-fi, except in the lounge, is because we want to provide our guests to relax and experience calm moments offline. At “L’Instant Absolut"Daniel presents the menu, standing in front of the grand fireplace as he describes the dishes for the forthcoming meal. All ingredients are, of course, bio and locally sourced.


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