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GoodPlanet Foundation

We are very happy to announce our collaboration with GoodPlanet Foundation, created in 2005 by Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

“In 40 years, I have seen the face of the earth changing. From all my journeys and my meetings with people grew the desire to build a place for caring and learning about ecology. Thus, the GoodPlanet Foundation was created in the beautiful area of the Longchamp in the middle of Bois de Boulogne, just at the border of Paris.

We made it a “green bubble” where people invited to experience and learn, for free, about ecology. It’s a place for families, friends and companies, to come and learn, experience and exchange on the theme of ecology.”

YANN ARTHUS-BERTRAND, Founder and President

© Quentin Jumeacourt

The GoodPlanet Foundation is settled in the Domaine de Longchamp, with its beautiful castle from XIII century and its great garden.

© Marco Strullu

GoodPlanet Foundation is a recognized public interest foundation and it aims to make ecology and humanism a central issue in order to encourage people to take concrete action for the Earth and its inhabitants. GoodPlanet Foundation takes action in three main areas:

  1. Environmental and solidarity field projects.

  2. Raising awareness and educating people on sustainable development.

  3. Helping companies and institutions implement and environmentally responsible approach.

At the GoodPlanet Foundation, opened Wednesday to Sundays, you find a great variety of activities. Exhibitions, films, concerts, cooking classes, yoga lessons, farmers’ market, meetings with other ONG …

At the castle enjoy the exhibition PLANET OCEAN. A video exhibition by some of the greatest Jacques Perrin, Jacques Cluzaud and Denis Lagrange.

Discover the Escape Game MISSION ENERGY where you learn how to reduce your energy consumption.

There is something for everyone. Families, friends, teambuilding activities.

More information at

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