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Hemx6 - Swedish design in Paris

In 2019, the Institut Suédois in Paris revealed the second stage of its renovation programme, this time focused on private areas: six apartments in the upper levels of the beautiful "hôtel particulier" Hôtel de Marle. These spaces, ranging from 22 to 38m2, are open to artists and researchers based in Sweden to offer them a setting to lead their work, meet local partners or foster inspiration during 2 to 4 week-long residencies. Every year, the Institut Suédois hosts over 80 people. In this new renovation phase, the Institut suédois continued to foreground the country’s creativity and know-how. Out of the thirty brand proposals, the Institut suédois chose six partners on the basis of three key criteria: sustainability, creativity and quality. More than a rehabilitation, these brands agreed to a project that centres research and aesthetic investigation. Duos are at the heart of the initiative. Every brand associated with a creator or designer had their own touch and produced their own vision of hem. The Swedish word hem translates almost exactly as “home”, implying positive emotional connotations and conveying ideas of belonging, comfort and safety. If they wish to, the duos will have the opportunity to continue their work in the studios over the course of five years, designing evolving spaces. Every September, the public would then be able to discover the new setting.

The 6 appartments were created and designed by 6 design duos : Carl Malmsten AB – Anna Kraitz Thomas Eriksson Arkitekter – Ulf Agnér Beckmans College of Design Stockholm – Paris College of Art Svenskt Tenn – in line with the philosophies of Estrid Ericsson and Josef Frank Gärsnäs – Färg & Blanche Dux – Septembre Architecture & Urbanisme. In addition to this, some 45 Swedish brands joined this beautiful project. Read more about Hemx6 at

Frankofon Förlag is happy to offer a copy of GOOD FUTURE to each of the 6 appartments and whishes all the guests a good read about a Good Future.

Photo - copyright Institut Suédois - Photographer Elisa Langlet


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