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Premiere of the film Catwalk on January 31st !

The prejudices towards children with disabilities are, still today, very significant. Harassments, vulnerability and marginalization are part of these children’s everyday life. The theatre “Glada Hudik” has been fighting for a change since decades. They have been fighting for the equal value of every person and every person’s right to dream. In the film Catwalk, we get to follow Emma Örtlund, a young woman with disabilities, when her dream comes true, the dream about walking the Catwalk in New York.

Frankofon Förlag is one of the sponsors and we just want to say to you: Go and see this movie! It is good for the future. Read the story about Pär Johansson, the founder and driving spirit behind the theatre Glada Hudik teatern in the up-coming Good Future 2020.

© Storyfire - Photographe Charlie Bennet


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