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Welcome Good Future

The second edition of Good Future Bookazine is ready ! It will be released on September 10. You will find it at certain magazine retailers (Pressbyrån), at selected book stores in Sweden, Norway and France.

Nature is healing and so are we

After a difficult time we hope that Mother Nature is Queen in the future and that we heal together. We believe in a Good Future and would like to invite you to some stories that can change for a better future and gives you good vibes.

Trees that save the world Together with Johan Tell, Swedish editor, columnist and journalist, we’re aiming to give you a Bookazine filled with stories about people who change the world for a good future. Stories about good spirits, sustainable projects, innovations, great entrepreneurs, humble personalities and big minds. We are all concerned by the environmental issues and thanks to Johan’s strong commitment, his work has resulted in several books and there is a constant demand for inviting Johan for conferences on the topic.

Read about the huge tree planting project in England, Sweden’s cuttingedge research on how to use the forest as a substitute for oil, the traditional view of the Japanese on trees as a basis to peoples’ wellbeing, the highest building made of wood, and much more …

New forms of sustainable plastic materials While the plastic straws are to be completely banned, the construction of sport fields with artificial grass continues. Those fields are filled, every year, with plastic granules from compressed car tires, microplastics that end up in nature, in our drinking water, eaten up by our animals. And this continues even though there are other sustainable solutions like making alternative plastic of hemp.

Bikes rescue girls in Bangladesh Girls running bikes can be the beginning of a more equal society and less child marriage.Read the exciting story about Bangladesh and a very different aid project that has been developed. Girls literally are biking away from prejudices andtowards a more equal future.

Eat buggs for dinner Food that is sustainable is not necessarily eco-friendly, food that is eco-friendly is not necessarily healthy and food that is healthy is not necessarily sustainable. We try to sort out the concepts and we visit a different farm where the owners claim that insects are the future’s most sustainable, healthy and eco-friendly source of proteins.

English growers best in test of ”champagne” Just a few degrees warmer is enough to make winegrowers face huge problems with their vineyards. One example is that the grapes used for Champagne are more difficult to grow in … yes, that’s it, in Champagne, but grow more easily in the south of England. We have visited a “bubble maker” where the woman who is head wine maker has just been awarded “Sparkling Winemaker of the Year”, and much more …

What kind of society do we want to have for the future generation? The prejudices towards children with disabilities are, still today, very significant. Harassments, vulnerability and marginalization are part of these children’s everyday life. The theatre “Glada Hudik” has been fighting for a change since decades. They have been fighting for the equal value of every person and every person’s right to dream. In the film Catwalk, we get to follow Emma Örtlund, a young woman with disabilities, when her dream comes true, the dream about walking the Catwalk in New York. We have been behind the scenes and we have met with Pär Johansson, the founder and the driving spirit behind the theatre “Glada Hudik”.


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